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Besides translating and interpreting, we try to get involved in each event, so that through the information transmitted, the listeners may feel the sensations and the sentiments of the speaker.

Only who has a natural talent, long interpretation experience, having been part of the international business environment in more than 60 countries, with a daily involvement with foreign languages, global culture, technological and humanistic knowledge, can offer:

Competency, punctuality, commitment, ethics, confidentiality and a fair price.
"Uniconsult has done more than 50 simultaneous translations for me. I fell that the reaction of the auditorium is different when it their translation, with a better absorption of my message."
James Hunter – Speaker on Leadership and author of the Business Best-seller 'O monge e o executivo' ( Servant Leadership) with more than 3 million books sold and 'How to be a servant Leader'

"... We are not interested in a simple translation, but in someone who 'lives' the translation getting into our company´s shoes, and forwarding the in depth message of the speaker fully..."
R. Kailash - Índia

"We reduced significantly our costs working with UNICONSULTE, because the quality of service together with their ethical attitude helped us with regards to reduce the number of extra hours of the interpretation, giving us a lower price with the best interpreters of the country"
P. M. - IIR

"We hired Uniconsulte to translate English and the service went way beyond the requested: our speaker was Italian and the Uniconsulte interpreter spoke Italian too. Thus, the speaker, could freely speek in his own mother tong, doing a much more lively presentation."
S.I. – Hotel Royal Palm

"Due to force majeur our speaker could not arrive in time for the presentation in Brazil It was very kind when Uniconsulte called our attention beforehand , for us to cancel their simultaneous translation services, as soon as they found out from the media, of this unexpected event. This avoided the event high last moment cancellation costs.
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